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Julian Cini

Julian is an artist and illustrator from Malta, currently working as a CG Artist for Film & Games. Creating crazy unique projects in collaboration with RedBull, UrbanJungle, Mr Riley, and more!!

Graduated in BA In Game Art and Design from MCAST. The artist creates unique 2D art concepts and surreal designs, inspired from video games, manga, and movies, using various mediums; from traditional paintings and murals to 2D digital art such as Fan Art and Graphic Design. @julianciniart

The artist also creates custom-painted Shoes @jcartcustoms. He worked on countless of sneakers and created various themes such as Naruto, Harry Potter, Jinx from League of Legends and more.

Also, he has a great passion for videography and photography.

Contact: Email at or social media @julianciniart


Portfolio and shop: