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John Naudi

From a very young age, I always had a passion for writing, especially in English. From the days of creative writing at school, through the various attempts at novel writing in my early teens, my passion for writing grew and matured over time.

Born in Malta, lived in Birkirkara until I was 10, when I moved with my family to Ħamrun. I’m now married to Justine. We have a son, Julian, and live in Pembroke (yep, still Malta).

All that apart, I love Middle-earth and anything written in and around the fantasy genre – I mean, I literally wander off and live there sometimes. Besides that, I also dream to one day visit the ‘cold, white north’ out of my love for Vikings and the Norse culture and mythology in general.

What else? I am inclined towards positivism, without putting it on a pedestal though. I have Faith in God but hate being called ‘religious’ since it doesn’t describe who I am – few things do actually. So in case you’re wondering what these four paragraphs are here for… well, they’re my attempt at a ‘Bio’ description.