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Iron Man: Extremis review by Raphael Borg

I must admit myself guilty of overlooking most, if not all, Iron Man comics for the simple reason that my brain simply rejects it on account of the main character being a capitalist torchbearer. It has, in fact, been sitting on my bookshelf for YEARS. However, I stand corrected and have largely misunderstood the complete redemption Tony Stark has been through in the comics as much as on screen, and no comic has this best described than Warren Ellis and Adi Granov’s gorgeous Iron Man: Extremis arc. Though I am sure I would appreciate it more in context, the story is largely however unshackled by continuity and breathes new life into the character by not giving him just the largest upgrade to date as well as pin him to a more contemporary character on the sliding timeline of the Marvel Universe, but also make him the ultimate futurist, one who strives to build one away from the self-destructiveness of both society as well himself. Not only Stark reinvents himself, but in doing so strives to reinvent the world around him. I am curious about what would they have made of his world had the team had more berth with the world of Tony Stark. I seriously want to look out for more good Iron Man comics now.