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Green Lantern review by Raphael Borg

I was not very enthusiastic to take up the latest Green Lantern book.
See I am a HUGE Hal Jordan fan. It was through Geoff Johns’ run that I got into Green Lantern and later to his supporting cast. While I love all of the Green Lantern Corps (my favorites being Kilowog, Mogo and Isamot Kol), even in their dedicated books, to me they were only supporting cast. So you can imagine how eager I was when I read the only Green Lantern book on the market after Infinite Frontier would put him on the back burner.
At first I got what I thought I would; the opening two issues were from Future State which utterly confused me, followed by a rewind to “nowadays” DC. The storyline pure started out as somewhere between Annihilation: Conquest from Marvel and the recent Green Lantern Corps: Lost Army mini, with a conclave of United Planets spiralling into a terrorist attack leading to a scattering of depowered Lanterns. However, that’s when it started to get good. And I am hoping for more.
I was very apprehensive of new human Green Lanterns; we only had two new ones a handful of years ago in Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz, both of whom have grown into their own. It was too early and way too crowded to introduce new ones in Teen Lantern Keli Quintela (!!) And Jo Mullein within the mythos. As much as I am still rather apprehensive how DC will manage to juggle and justify the existence of EIGHT actove human Lanterns consistently to please the fans, I must say I started to like them. In fact not even the mystery of who destroyed the Central Power Battery is engaging as an intergalactic whodunnit, but the characters are truly engaging. In fact I think I will be picking up Jo Mullein s book Green Lantern Far Sector down the line. The book is nothing to write home about per se (perhaps the whiplash of having just finished reading a BEAUTIFUL book – see my earlier review – making everything look paler in comparison), but I am still at its opening salvos. I am definitely engaged well enough to keep reading… Which has not been for a Green Lantern book for a while, sadly.