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Green Lantern Corps review by Raphael Borg

Rather than focus on one single member of the corps, Patrick Gleason and Dave Gibbons’ Green Lantern Corps dispersed its focus among its members creating what is best described as “Apocalypse Now”, “We Were Soldiers” or even “Jarhead” in Space. It elevated the corps’ status from one of a peace-keeping force to one of a quasi-military unit, albeit one that struggles with use of lethal force. While incredibly stylised, the tight angles of the artwork create an intimate and almost claustrophobic environment in which you get to know each Corps member as individuals, most prominently Guy Gardner, John Stewart, Kilowog, Isamot Kol, Vath Sarn and the like. It explores intense character dynamics, what makes them tick as essentially soldiers and seeing the experience of being on the frontlines and partnering up with those one would otherwise consider your enemy for a larger cause. It is truly enjoyable and underrated read.