Grafimated Cartoon

Salvatore Di Marco and Antonino Pirrotta are representing the Palermo (Italy) based Grafimated Cartoon.

Grafimated Cartoon is a cooperative society that produces, promotes and diffuses animated films and comics. Grafimated Cartoon was founded in January 2001 by professionals of the field. With over fifteen years experience, they have participated to several national and international animated film festivals with short author films, in particular the short film “Saudates du sud” with which it took part in the competition in Annecy 97 edition.

Salvatore Di Marco and Antonino Pirrotta are comic book artists and animators too. Their last works are published on ZOOTOPIA Grafic Novel and Planes Magazine from Disney, and some on several books of Disney’ Princess, such as Trilly, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, Ect…and in feature animated movie “Pinocchio”by Enzo D’Alo.

They have cooperated in the production of important animated series and feature films such as: The Triplets, Cocco Bill, I Cuccioli, La Gabbianella e il Gatto, Aida degli alberi, etc… Grafimated Cartoon also produced “I Vespri Siciliani” , and a documentary called ” Selinunte: A city between two rivers.”

With “School of Comics-Scuola del Fumetto” they teach the skills to create comics, from pencils to colouring and lettering. In fact in 2011, the school started to publishing comics of their students too. Their students and collaborators have worked with such editors as  IDW, Panini Kids, Pixar, Mondadori, De Agostini, Disney, Marvel Comics, Marathon, Dc Comics, Titan Comics, etc…

They are publishers too, in the last year they produce ” World of Lumina: Shani” (With TATAI LAB) and “SOTTOSOPRA: Beyond the fear/Ilvolo di ICARO” (with Zap Editions).

Other activities organized in collaboration with several public schools in Sicily, are comics and animated cartoon workshops where students create short films in which some of them won prizes reserved for schools.

Grafimated Cartoon