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Kathleen Flask, known as Fox-From-Malta or Malta_Fox, is a Maltese artist and illustrator born in 2005. Always caring around a sketchbook, she has been known to draw 24/7 – even during lessons at school – always doodling things and people who inspire her.

As an artist, she dabbles in both digital and traditional mediums, and always experiments with new styles and techniques whenever she can. Her interests include anything zoology, fantasy, or folklore related. She is also a big fan of western and European cartoons. Kath expresses herself mostly through anthropomorphic animals or mythological creatures, as can be seen in most of her work, but she draws humans from time to time.

She aims to continue perusing her art carrier by starting BFA in Digital Arts at University this year. Hopefully in the future, she will continue to improve her studies and start creating comics and animations for the world to enjoy.