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Esther van de Bund

Born in 1992, Esther van de Bund is an acclaimed Dutch Comic Artist who has carved her mark in the comic world through diverse narratives and artistic finesse. Her debut came in 2017 with the cooking comic ‘Smikkelen en Smullen,’ a delightful collaboration with Abe Borst, published by Syndikaat. This culinary journey marked her entry into the realm of comics, infusing storytelling with the flavors of creativity.

Esther’s prominence as the co-creator of the webtoon sensation ‘Acception,’ alongside Coco Ouwerkerk, is a cornerstone of her career. With a staggering 163 million readers, ‘Acception’ has captured global attention. Though Coco spearheads the endeavor, Esther’s part-time role as inker and colorist enriches the series, giving life to its vivid world.

Esther’s artistic footprint extends across indie zines like ‘OOGst,’ ‘KAF,’ and notable comic anthologies like ‘De Nieuwe Garde.’ Her contribution to the ‘Ripple’ anthology in 2022 resulted in the creation of the 24-page comic ‘Bi-Witched,’ an enchanting tale of two young witches exploring their feelings amidst the challenges of fast fashion.

Her impact reverberated further in 2023 with the Kickstarter-funded 18+ comic anthology ‘Sticky Pages.’ Esther’s story, ‘Sweet Dreams,’ delves into the dynamics of a long-distance relationship yearning for more quality time.

Esther’s creative journey remains vibrant with recent offerings like the Dungeons & Dragons inspired comic ‘Nailed it,’ contributing to the ‘Not A Mimic’ anthology. “Door het glas,” a one-page gem tailored for an exhibition in Zwolle , reflects her ability to encapsulate depth within a confined canvas.

Beyond her personal creations, Esther’s affiliation with publisher ‘Loopvis’ showcases her versatile talents. She contributes to the “Vissenpost” with comics and illustrations, while also leading a pioneering project that transforms waste paper into innovative products like notebooks.

Esther van de Bund‘s artistic voyage is a symphony of storytelling, collaboration, and innovation. Her indelible mark on ‘Acception,’ poignant narratives like ‘Bi-Witched,’ and her transformative efforts with ‘Sticky Pages’ underscore her enduring legacy in the world of comics.