El Torres

El Torres (Spain, 1972) is a comic book writer. After several years working in the Spanish industry as editor, he wrote several miniseries that were successful in Spain, fantasy-themed, like Bribones (1999), Swordmasters (1999), Miserere (2005) and humor series, like Team Triumph (1998-1999) among several others.

In 2007 he released his first two miniseries in the United States. CVO: African Blood and Eclipse of the Undead, published at IDW. It followed his horror miniseries The Veil (2009), that was highly praised by critics and reviewers, and The Suicide Forest (2010), which received international awards and praises, even it has been optioned into a film.

At Image Comics he released the horror miniseries Drums (2011) and also Nancy in Hell (2011) and its sequel Nancy in Hell on Earth(2012), which success recognized him as “horror master” by readers and critics. After that, he decides to create his own independent company, Amigo Comics, where he released horror and fantasy series likeThe Westwood Witches (2013), Rogues! (2013-2015), Roman Ritual (2014), Ghost Wolf (2014) and Straitjacket (2016) .

All his books have been released in Spain and Europe, including the 2015 graphic novel El Fantasma de Gaudí (Le Fantôme de Gaudi),which have received great appraises from critics and readers, receiving the awards of Best National Work of Saló de Barcelona and Best Writer at Expocomic-Madrid (2016). Also, he is known for being the writer of El Rubius, Virtual Hero (2015-2017), a comic series based in the popular youtuber. He also received the 2018 AACE Award, the Carlos GImenez Award (Best writer), Jose Sanchis Award (best writer), and 2018 Salón de San Sebastián (Best book) for Straitjacket. This same year, he was nominated along with Jesús Alonso Iglesias for the 2018 Eisner Awards -Ghost of Gaudi.

His work is defined by the use of well-known tropes of popular culture, always with a twist.
His books have been published in USA, Spain, France, Germany, Italy and Japan.


El Torres