Dark Nights: Death Metal: Speed Metal review by Raphael Borg

Dark Nights: Death Metal: Speed Metal


Joshua Williamson (Writer),

Howard Porter (Cover Art),

Hi-Fi (Cover Art),

Eddy Barrows (Penciller),

Eber Ferreira (Inker),

Adriano Lucas (Colorist)

Unlike it’s parent title, Dark Knights: Death Metal; Speed Metal (which is quite a mouthful) is a swift and beautiful read that does not burden the reader’s mind.

I believe the artwork in part contributes to this, as Eddy Barrows’ artwork is far more pleasing while still giving the darkness that warrants the event, silly costume redesign notwithstanding (I am particularly both fond of and puzzled by Jay Garrick’s Ziggy Stardust/Kung Lao getup). Joshua Williamson once more returns to the Flash and his mythos (in this case THEIR as it tackles the Flash family as a whole with some focus on Wally West) and encapsulates perfectly both what the Flash family is about and how it would play against what the Batman Who Laughs stands for: connection and humanity vs isolation and soullessness. It does not need to be more elaborate and refrains from being a limited series by keeping it’s focus where it needs to be while delivering very human characters.

Perhaps that is the strength of Joshua Williamson; humanising whatever mythos he is given.

Dark Nights: Death Metal: Speed Metal review by Raphael Borg
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