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Cosplay Competition Booking Form 2023

The Cosplay Competition is back this year with some exciting new changes and categories.

The Details

  • Competition: Daily 4pm – 6pm on stage.
  • Application: In person every day before 3pm
  • Children défilé/Presentation: Daily 3.30pm-4pm
  • Malta Comic Con Cosplay Prize Ceremony – Sunday at 6.40pm
  • Roaming Cosplay Award (for non-participating cosplayers) – Each day at 6 pm
  • Cosplayers are to bring their own music on the day on a pendrive.
    • Cosplayers are encouraged to also send the music in Mp3 format via email before 23rd October on with the their name and the cosplayer name.
    • Music should not be longer than the skit and if to be used for a pose, it should be around 1min/1min 30seconds maximum.
    • Cosplayers without music will be provided with sample music by Wicked Comics.
    • No YouTube Clips will be played on the day nor music from Mobile devices.


  • New Categories for judging!
  • No group category prizes but cosplayers can still present themselves as a couple, group etc…
  • Judges will take note of all cosplayers regardless of poses, skits etc…
  • You can choose which day you wish to take part in and you can take part in both days with different cosplays!



You’re fairly new to cosplay. This is a simple category that involves just a few poses. Your costume does not need to be fully hand made by you either.


This isn’t your first time to the rodeo. It’s not your first time at a cosplay contest, either! You’ve been around the block a few times, learned a few tricks, and upped your game. Time to show everyone what you’re made of! Your costume should by now be more technical and mostly done by yourself / handmade. In this category you can still pose but a short 40 sec – min is encouraged.


The big leagues. You’ve won some. You’ve lost some. You’ve sweat, cried, and bled for your cosplays. They look masterful. They look glorious. And they need to be shown off to a convention of thousands. This is your time. In this category poses are still accepted however a skit of 1min – 1.30min is highly encouraged.


You have created a show and captivated the audience. You have an amazing costume and a great skit (1.30min – 3min). Show it off!


Alright, we talked the fun stuff, but with all fun comes a little pain. A MINIMUM of 80% of the costume must be constructed by the contestant.


Face off! This is for all those who might have a more simplistic cosplay but they bet everything on their make up skills! It can also be a makeup that accentuates a beautiful costume too. The judges will vote based on the make up done, how expressive it is and how dramatic.


This is not related to the whole costume but to a single item. A piece that you are super proud off. Show it off! The judges will check its functionality, the appearance and the drama it adds to the whole cosplay.

The Booking Form

You can download and print the booking form by clicking on this link. Remember to fill it in correctly and present it in person on the Comic Con days. There will be some printing copies at the event days at the Customer Care desk.