Bron James

Bron James is a UK-based author of urban fantasy, science fiction and magical realism. He is probably best known as the creator of the Sam Hain – Occult Detective series of urban fantasy novellas.

The Sam Hain stories follow the adventures of the eponymous occult detective, Sam Hain, as he and burgeoning-psychic, Alice Carroll, investigate a series of supernatural situations, crack clandestine conspiracies, explore the ethereal, and battle with forces far beyond the real. Meanwhile, in the abyss of some unworldly dimension, an evil is stirring, and from across the void a darkness is coming…

Bron’s life is largely shrouded in magick and mysticism. He presently lives in London, sharing his flat with more spiders than he can count, and a ghostly presence which likes to hide his keys. He spends his days mostly delving into the city’s many secrets, writing strange stories, drinking tea, and dreaming improbable dreams.

“Imagine Constantine written by Douglas Adams for Doctor Who, and you’ll be roughly in the right area for this highly enjoyable series. Bron James skillfully weaves a thrilling tale of private detective Sam Hain and his plucky assistant Alice as they investigate murder, magic and other paranormal events.” -Jeremy Biggs, Subversive Comics (review of Sam Hain – Occult Detective: Volume 1)


Bron James