Ashley Eric Peschel

Hi My Name is Ashley Peschel,

And I run a YouTube channel Called PESCHEL TALKS, on this channel you will find me Ashley talking about movies, T.V. Shows, books, games and other crap! A bit of Background about myself, I live on the beautiful island of Malta and I’m just a normal guy (Normal???) who loves Movies, T.V. Shows and Books and that’s why my reviews will be honest, I’m not a professional critic I’m just a fan….

Oh and as far as I know I’m the only Maltese YouTube channel focusing on Movies, TV shows, Games and Books, so that’s cool!

Also I’m the writer of the Graphic Novel STEAM: Island Under Siege! Which was launched at the Malta comic-con a couple of years ago, it was illustrated by the amazing Peter Magro.

Here is the link to my channel:

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So please come by and say HI, you can usually find me on the Agenda stand, and if you wanna check out my channel that would be brilliant! And if you like what you see hit that subscribe button and make me feel all happy inside!

Ashley Eric Peschel