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Arcanum Comics

Arcanum Comics is a collaborative project between friends, created to explore the unlimited storytelling potential of the world of comic books while producing other iconic merchandise in the process. After self-publishing the first instalment of DÆMONIUM in 2017 (a horror story set in Cyprus) the collective was established as a unique brand to produce further titles under the Arcanum label.

The DÆMONIUM series tells the story of Marc Skoteinos, a guilt-ridden and traumatised ex-magician condemned to Hell, struggling with his addictions to magic, alcohol and drugs while trying to lead a sober life with his family. At the same time Hell mobilises its minions on Earth to find him after he discovers an ancient spell that hides him from their radar.

The Writer

Marios Yiangou works as a graphic designer for an offshore company in Cyprus. What he loves more than writing is talking about himself in the third person. Marios has been writing for more than 15 years, from poetry to prose to comic book scripts, although never professionally. An avid reader of history and mythology, he tries to incorporate elements of both in all of his writing, along with noir, fantasy and horror themes. And ranting – he loves to rant! He fancies himself a cinephile and a huge comic book geek. His major non-comic book literary influences are Hunter S. Thompson, Charles Bukowski, Tom Wolfe, Jack Kerouac and Nick Cave. As for comic book creators – not that there’s any difference – Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, Garth Ennis, Warren Ellis and Michael Carey.

The Artist

Demetres Panayides is a comic book illustrator from Nicosia and his work has been published both in the US and Cyprus. He describes himself as a “keen movie freak” with a special love towards horror, thriller and sci-fi movies. He is also a comic book geek and his favourite comic book titles are Spawn and Watchmen. Demetres loves dark and horror themes in art and he tries to incorporate those elements into his own personal art style. Some of his greatest influences are Alex Pardee, Ashley Wood, Todd McFarlane and Ben Templesmith. Demetres notably designed the cover for local metal band Blynd’s first full-length album, titled ‘The Enemy’ and illustrated the mascot “Rusty Goblin” for the fantasy game workshop Isengard. In 2014, he was one of the ten runner-ups of a worldwide talent hunt held by American comics publisher Top Cow and his first comic, Artifacts: Lost Tales #1 was published through them. More recently, he illustrated a short story for the local band Winter’s Verge, titled “The Tale of Adamar of Calthorn”

The Editor

Rami Abdo is a quality assurance engineer working for a healthtech firm based in the UK. His obsession with quality control (his fancy way of labelling his OCD), combined with his love for the fantasy genre and novels of all types, make him well suited as editor for Arcanum Comics.

His knack for the written word began with fantasy gaming such as roleplay and warhammer, where the heroic actions of his protagonists were immortalised on paper in the form of short stories. He also enjoys exploring philosophy and social commentary and was given the chance to share his views writing pieces for his college paper.

His favourite types of comics are mature themed comics that don’t hold back, and he claims to have read everything Garth Ennis ever put on paper!