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Andrei Xuereb

Andrei comes from a varied artistic background and has been using his skills in different media throughout his career. Drawing, sketching and sculpting in clay from a very young age, his first love were comics and fantasy art. He later studied art and design and moved to graphic design as a career choice.

His love for drawing and a good story led him to work on storyboards for tv projects and movies. He occasionally does paintings and illustrations on commission. He currently works as a 2D digital matte painter and concept artist, working on some popular international Tv and movie projects.
He has also taught Character design foundations and Storyboarding to prospective Game artists and animators.

His latest adventure has been the study of the art of tattooing. For this last year he has been taking a course to learn to apply his crazy creations to the ultimate medium of human skin. He is now a fully qualified tattoo artist and already started working on his first clients. He just launched his brand where one can either choose one of the many designs Andrei regularly creates or else one can set up a meeting and discuss any custom artwork to suit the individual.

During the Comic Con Andrei will have some selected digital prints for sale of some of his more recent work…but what he finds more interesting during this event is the chance to meet and talk to people while exchanging ideas. So come by and say hello.