Akiba Hobby Smile

いらっしゃいませ!Irasshaimase ! or welcome to Akiba Hobby Smile specializing in
figures and merchandise for manga, anime and games! All from a diversity of well
known manufacturers, bringing the magic of Akihabara onto your shelves that will bring
a smile to your face!

Passionate collectors ourselves, the love for collecting is what we try to convey to our
customers and we want to offer you the prettiest and best products manufactured. Of
course, we offer only official products straight from Japan.

Akiba Hobby Smile also shares news of events happening in Japan relating to anime
and game figures such as new figure announcements and updated prototypes from
many manufacturers. We also accept requests for past released figures, pre-orders and
Japan exclusives!

Products include action figures, model kits, prize figures, non-scale figures, scale
figures and other accessories.

Akiba Hobby Smile are extremely happy to welcome you and meet more fellow

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Instagram: @akibahobbysmile

Akiba Hobby Smile