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12:00 – Star Wars locations

Do you think it’s all done in studios with the use of CGI these days? Think again. Star Wars locations traveller Eve will talk about filming locations near and far and how to visit them and walk in the footsteps of Anakin Skywalker, Obi Wan Kenobi or even Kylo Ren in real life. Did you know that the lava used in Revenge of the Sith was actually filmed in the nearby volcano Mt.Etna on Sicily or that the palace of Naboo is just a 1h flight away from Malta near Naples. And then there is of course Tunisia. Or further away. Iceland has been featured heavily in Rogue One, the American West Coast has been used in everything from the Original Trilogy to The Mandalorian. Or dive into more obscure places. Want to know about a Japanese temple that has a Star Wars themed traditional Japanese folding fan? Hear and and see it all and feel free to ask questions.