Eoin McAuley

Eoin McAuley is the Founding Publisher of Lightning Strike Comics. Over the past 6 years Eoin has published titles featuring Sherlock Holmes, The Phantom, Prince Valiant and a special commemorative magazine of the film Highlander. Throughout its publication history Lightning Strike has garnered several awards and is currently in its ninth edition of its showcase magazine ‘Lightning Strike Presents’ with the tenth edition scheduled for a 2019 release.

 Eoin is also a lecturer of Sequential Art for Pulse College in Dublin and is currently teaching on their BA in Animation Course.

Lightning Strike Comics: www.lightningstrikecomics.com

Pulse College work: https://www.pulsecollege.com/interview-david-wiliams-eoinmcauleyrelaunching-phantom-comic-book-series/

Twitter: @mapscauley

Eoin McAuley