On 10th July 2019 The Other Side exhibition, entirely devoted to horror, gothic, and science fiction, will be re-launched at the Storm Petrel Foundation in Attard. It is not just an extension of the eponymous exhibition successfully held from June 2018 to date, as many film posters, books, magazines, press books, comics, graphic novels as well as original artwork will be on display for the first time, replacing most of the previously hosted artefacts. Such culturally significant exhibits, most of which are hard to find, come from the collections of the three curators (Saviour Catania, Ray Vassallo, and Fabrizio Foni), and from the collection of Carmel Bonnici. This renewed exhibition is undoubtedly in line with one of the main goals of the Storm Petrel Foundation, which is to periodically host extraordinary and unique private collections so that the general public may enjoy what would otherwise remain unseen.

The Other Side is divided into a number of sections reflecting some of the most captivating and long-standing themes of the collective imagination, such as ghosts and hauntings, vampires, witchcraft and magic, uncanny depictions of lunacy and erratic behaviour, but also utopian and, more often, dystopian visions of the future, the familiar otherness of extraterrestrial encounters, and imagined technologies of tomorrow. In re-launching the exhibition, the curators, in addition to the room entirely dedicated to H. P. Lovecraft’s legacy, devoted a new section to the seminal work of Edgar Allan Poe. Two oil paintings by the Maltese artist Joseph Bugeja portraying the “Valletta vampire” and an original rendition of Mary Shelley’s “hideous progeny” will be enriching the Dracula and Frankenstein-related rooms.

The exhibition will be open to the general public by appointment, from 11th July to 15th December 2019.

The Other Side: Horror – Gothic – Science Fiction

Being a Thrilling and Wondrous Exhibition of Objects Futuristic, Uncanny, Weird, and Disquieting

10th July to 15th December 2019

Venue: The Storm Petrel Foundation, 79 Triq San Anton, Attard

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.stormpetrelfoundation.org

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/The-Storm-Petrel-Foundation-653652858160299/

The Other Side… Reloaded – Exhibition
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