The Dungeon Club


The Dungeon club in Birkirkara is aimed towards gamers and hobbyists who want to meet regularly to play different tabletop games or meet other gamers in a relaxed atmosphere.

The club opens regularly every Tuesday evening (children under 16 years must be accompanied by an adult) and we welcome both beginners and more experienced players.

Most of the club members are also avid miniature painters and have hundreds of miniatures on display at the premises and would be happy to help anyone who is interested to start this side of the hobby.

We play a large variety of Board Games, one-off Role-Playing Games (RPGs), and tabletop Skirmish battles and Wargames (fantasy & sci-fi). The club has multiple tables and tabletop terrain to accommodate different game types. The main objective is always to have fun in good company.

We encourage you to visit our premises and join our Facebook group:

List of Activities –

ARMADA (Saturday & Sunday all day): Fantasy Naval Battles where Dwarfs, Elves and Orcs (and more) fleets clash against each other on the high seas or against titanic sea monsters!.

DEVIL MAY CRY (Saturday all day): In this boardgame, take control of one of the iconic demon hunters and build the most impressive attack combos utilising cards.

FIREFIGHT (Saturday & Sunday all day): In the distant future, humans fight a myriad of alien factions with sophisticated weaponry and machines – from small battle to full wargame.

HEROQUEST (Sunday all day): The traditional dungeon crawl board game, where you choose from a Barbarian, Dwarf, Elf, or Wizard and team up for adventure !

KINGS OF WAR (Saturday & Sunday all day): In this fantasy wargame, command your hordes of soldiers and cavalry and outwit your adversary, whether they are humans, dwarfs, undead or demons!


The Dungeon Club