Slot Wheels 32 Raceway Malta

The idea is to continue this scaled 1/32 slot car racing, mostly known in Malta as `scalextrix` and in Maltese weird words `skaletrik`.  Half of young boys ,small aged , all might had this famous 6 feet home plastic track at home more played by their father to enjoy some time.

Slot Wheels 32 Race Track/Way is a 4 lane Scalextric brand setup in length of excactly 22 metres from start to finish, with a professional race management system by Lap and a supply of 30amps at 13.8v on each lane.  Prepared for time selling and competition mode. Build for the purpose of scaled plastic slot cars of 1 is to 32.

After the long sucess at Smokey Wheels Raceway in Hal Axiaq Malta, due under certain circumstance this club had to close , but with highly motivated drivers and passion for this motorsport some guys are still asking for were to race and finally a place in Hal Far Malta, in an industrial area at Chas Ltd is done.

Slot Wheels 32 raceway will be organizing a public race which consists of a Lap Time attack held at the event of the Comi Con Convention at Ta Qali on the 3rd and 4th December 2016. Simple categories will be raced on this events which consists in stock box cars with standard motors, by mean out of the box cars with no modification and magnet set pans (chassis) that can be modified.

All public entering this event will have time to practice and will have one time to compete. In 3 minutes you have to make the lowest time to win the race. Results will be registered and will present trophies at the end of the Comicon Convention event. For more details please send email to or sms 79632000. For more detailed rules and regulations, like our page on Facebook: slot wheels 32 raceway malta. Good Luck!

Slot Wheels 32 Raceway Malta