Sigritwal is a solo project born by full time local underground artist Katrina Rose.

Katrina, currently a master herbalism student, has always been fascinated by nature, especially by our very own beloved Maltese Flora. She has also always been
interested in the world of preservation for many years now, hence why Sigritwal was born.

“Its truly beautiful that I can combine the beauty of nature with preservation techniques into wearable art, home decor, artworks and much more”

Since Katrina is an artist, Sigritwal doesn’t just stop at preservation. In fact, she cleverly incorporates her artistic side to each item she creates, making everything truly one of a kind and special for her clients.

All items from Sigritwal are handmade and poured with love! You can tell how much Katrina works hard on her items as the attention to detail on each piece is impeccable.

A part from being an established local artist, Katrina is also a very respected photographer. Both her art and photography have been published on various occasions.

Facebook: @sigritwal
Instagram: @sigritwal