Samantha Scuri

Samantha Scuri, graduated at l’Accademia delle Belle Arti di Torino, class of 1999, started her artistic career with a precise objective, spreading the Japanese animation culture with the traditional painting technique.

Her studies and specified exercises, typically academic, have the resulted in what she was looking for.

Thus a new mature graphic art was born, an appropriate medium to work with production houses on a professional level.

Her working experience started, in which we could see her as an artist, exhibitioner, Manga style teacher at Savona and Torino, congress person and artistic director at Comic conventions, reaching an artistic quality which was praised by masters like Masami Suda and Eisaku Inoue.

In these last few years she has worked to promote the style of the late master Shingo Araki.

She collaborated with the dubbing director Ivo De Palma, with whom she has produced videos and conferences to spread Japanese animation in fairs and cultural events. She has also collaborated as a storyboard artist for the pilot episode “Bianca ed i sette cloni”, a project created and directed by Gian Domenico Facchini.

Under the label of Shin Project Studio (in which she is a co-founder), she is working on a manga titled “La Maschera son io!”, a re-imagined story of the Iron Mask, in which Scuri does the artworks, the panelling and the script, while her associate Massimiliano Gissi does the digital colourisation.

During her live performances one can appreciate the particular technique with pens used with both hands simultaneously.

She was also a character designer for a promotional video from the company Brain Fitness.

Recently she has worked as a graphic designer for L’OREAL.

Presently she lives and works in Torino.

Samantha Scuri