RC World

Reclaiming Childhood prides itself on offering a vast variety of Baby items, Children’s toys, Collectables, A Harry potter dedicated shop and official Teddy Mountain Franchise. Needless to say, Things around here are fast-paced and fun. Our small team consists of a handful of exceptional individuals who don’t mind dressing up for the sake of creating the unmatched customer experience.

Our shop offers world class customer service that is delivered in an intelligent, friendly and casual manner. The staff at our shop are here to serve you.

Every day is a good mix of friends, neighborhood locals, as well as new and old clients. Everyone wears more than casual clothes or uniforms and that is what makes Reclaiming Childhood.

The staff don’t come to work, they come to play, which means the customer may at any point walk in on a game of hide and seek. At Reclaiming Childhood we guarantee not only great quality but a great shopping experience and a warm memory.

Both the internal and external customer are considered as part of the Reclaiming Childhood family!

Step out of your routine life and enter a world of joy, freedom and imagination. THIS IS RECLAIMING CHILDHOOD, Its Crazy Fun.

RC World