Raulo Caceres

Raúlo Cáceres (Córdoba, Spain, 1976) is a professional comic artist and illustrator with a degree in Fine Arts. From 1998 to 2007 he worked for several Spanish publishers mainly in erotic comic and role-playing games illustrations. Works included Elizabeth Bathory, Cuentos mórbidos, Justine y Juliette and Aguas Calientes. These serieses have been re-edited several times in Spain, USA, France and Czech Republic, by publishers such as Megamultimedia, Dólmen, Berenice, EDT, Eroscomix-Fantagraphics, Tabou Editions or Argo.

From 2007 to 2018, Raúlo worked for the American publisher AVATAR PRESS, side by side with famous writers such as Max Brooks, Warren Ellis, David Lapham, or Garth Ennis. In AVATAR PRESS he draws a variety of genres like horror, historical, zombie, or teslapunk. Some of his works published in USA are Crécy, Crossed: Psychopath, Captain Swing and The Electrical Pirates of Cindery Island, The Extinction Parade or Code Pru (included in Alan Moore’s Cinema Purgatorio). He also worked as a cover artist in several comic books, including Providence by Alan Moore.

In 2019 he drew Galería de engendros, a tribute to monster sticker albums, written by Tito Alberto and published by Evolution Comics (Panini). During this year, Fuzz T-Shirts, Exhumed Movies and  Miskatonik Videos collaborated to publish the Horror artwork, a homage to horror films’ great artists, and Insania tenebris, illustrated tales inspired in Lovecraft’s Works.

In 2021 he drew Arn, el navegante, written by Házael González and published by Dolmen in Spain and by Dantes in Germany. In 2022 Diabolo Ediciones publish his Colección de abominaciones, a second monster sticker written by Tito Alberto.


Website:  https://raulocaceres.es/

Commissions for Malta Comic Con:

Raulo is currently taking commissions the Malta Comic Con 2022. For a list of prices kindly visit the following page: https://raulocaceres.es/commissions

Anyone interested in booking a commission (artwork will be handed over during the Malta Comic Con) is kindly requested to contact Raulo on: raulocaceres@yahoo.es

Raulo Caceres