Nicolas Keramidas

Born in Paris in 1972. After doing his BAC in design at Grenoble, he returned to Paris for 2 years at the CFT Goblins (animation section). In 1993, he started working at Walt Disney Studios at Montreuil where he worked for 9 years.

At the end of the 2000s, he presented to Soleil a project with the adventures of a pre-historic girl called Luuna. But after meeting with Didier Crisse, Luuna became a young native American and the first series to be published by Nicolas by Soleil (8 issues).

In 2008, the first collection was published entitled ‘Sur les Traces de Luuna’ (2 volumes) and in January 2009 he inaugurated ‘Les Légendes de Troy’ with the first issue ‘Tykko des Sables’ with a screenplay of Arleston et Melanÿn. (3 issues).

He collaborated equally with Sfar and Trondheim for an episode of the series Donjon, for the Delcourt editions. For Glénat, he published 3 issues of ‘Alice au Pays des Singes’ from a screenplay of Tébo.

He is currently working on a new series about Luuna with Morvan whilst waiting for the publishing in March of his new work ‘Mickey’s Craziest’s Adventures’ with Trondheim at Glénat.

Nicolas Keramidas