Mike Grell’s Green Arrow review by Raphael Borg

I would be lying through my teeth if I ever ignored the fact that there is an alarming similarity between Batman and Green Arrow. In fact, it is not a secret at all that Mort Weisinger deliberately created him as a pastiche of Robin Hood and the basic idea of Batman – a millionaire vigilante putting on a costume to strike down criminals. But that is definitely where the similarities stop, unlike what the series Arrow led you to believe.

As characters and narratives go, Green¬†Arrow’s best stories strike the perfect balance of humor between dark and humor. The best representation of this is, in my opinion, Mike Grell’s run on the character. It paints a perfect picture of how the Emerald Archer differs from the Dark Knight, particularly by emphasising the difference in age. It depicts an Oliver Queen as an aging social crusader who is hypocritical but driven to the best of intentions, one that deals with the darkest pits of what he is faced with a smile and a wink, but not scared to go the extra mile to deal with problems. Think a modern-day Errol Flynn Robin Hood that uses his bow and arrows effectively.

The best part of the run is how Grell paints Oliver and Dinah (Black Canary)’s private life. Grell creates a very human willingness to establish a family in Oliver, especially when he becomes in touch with the reality of his age; but the hesitation in Black Canary come from a very understandable place. While Grell keeps their chemistry consistently endearing, he drives a wedge between them in the form of Shado, creating a love triangle that is not one driven simply by carnal desire, but a drive for posterity.

Absolutely a must read. #crowcomicreviews

Mike Grell’s Green Arrow review by Raphael Borg
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