Massimo Rosi

Massimo Rosi is an Italian writer, started his career in the early 2009, at 22 years old self published his comic books like Skinwalker, Land of the Brave, Midnight Eyes ave., The Fucking Frogman. After studied at Internation School of Comics in Florence and Reggio Emilia, he became a writer; in 2012 he started working for Titanium Comics in USA at Death Raye series, and in 2013 with the Tuscan artist Stefano Cardoselli they founded the Leviathan Labs studios and they created the series Necromantical for Ardden Entertainment, now Scout Comics.

Then Massimo created and writed Darkness Within, Voivod and The Shadow of a Terrible Thing for Markosia Enterprises; Planet zero for Insane Comics (nominee at the Ledger Awards in Australia).

Now Massimo is working actively with many international artists worldwide, from France, to Chile and Argentina, from Colombia to Italy and more… He writes stories for Action Lab, Calber Comics, Scout Comics and Amigo Comics in United States, for Delcourt Comics, YIL Editions in France and for Shockdom and Weird Book in his own country.


Skinwalker (Ita – BookMaker Comics)
Land of the Brave (Ita – BookMaker Comics)
Midnight Eyes (Ita – BookMaker Comics)
The Fucking Frogman (Ita – BookMaker Comics)
Monograff (Ita – BookMaker Comics)
Death Raye (USA – Titanium Comics)
Necromantical (USA – Ardden Entertainment)
Darkness Within (UK – Markosia Enterprises)
Shadow of a terrible thing (UK – Markosia Enterprises)
Voivod (UK – Markosia Enterprises)
Planet Zero (USA – Insane Comics)
Wrath of God (USA – Caliber Comics)
Morning Star (USA – Caliber Comics)
Dark Frontier (USA – Caliber Comics)
the Blackening (USA/Spain – Amigo Comics)
FishEye (USA – Scout Comics)
Graveland (USA – Scout Comics)
Wasabi Ronin (Arg – Buengusto Ediciones)
Horrorville Volume 1 (Ita – Weird Book)
Armageddon Punch (UK – Aces Weekly)
Long Distance (Ita – Shockdom)

Release in 2019

Ritual (USA/Spain – Amigo Comics)
Cold Blood Samurai (USA/France – ActionLab/Delcour)
Ghost Wolf Season 3 (USA/Spain – Amigo Comics)
Rise of the Tyrant (USA/Spain – Amigo Comics)
Under the northern star (France – YIL Editions)

Massimo Rosi