Malta Geek Paradise

Malta Geek Paradise Ltd is possibly the first Shop specializing in board games on our tiny archipelago of Malta. We are proud to offer a huge variety of themes, coming from all regions of the globe. We also deal with other aspects of the geek world including figurines, card games, and collectible items. We are initially starting as an online shop and aim to consolidate the spread of communities into one solid group so people can easily find each other. Our passion for gaming is our drive to seek and captivate an audience to entertain and expand the community and turn it to one huge family, on this little island of ours. Why board games? Why Malta Geek Paradise?

The new technology advances we had in the last decade have been enormous, but this has created a huge gap in today’s society, using mobile, tablet and televisions has made us view the entertainment of gaming to a single channel of information where the user is pretty much and the receiving end lacking the ability to express themselves to others with the element of experience of a face to face, isolating the user to a monotone world. In this respect, our main aim is to break this trend and get back the face to face interaction, hear the people around you laugh and chat rather than see a lol or rolf. Using once imagination the world expands, new worlds open, a huge new universe is created and this is what board games do, open once mind, and as we like to say “we will unleash the geek in you”. So to summaries it all lets geek the nation!

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tel: 99445817

Malta Geek Paradise