Green Lantern: Emerald Twilight review

How do you bounce back from failure on an extraordinary scale?

How do you do so when extraordinary expectations are pushed upon you when burdened with power limited only by your imagination?

In spite of it being seen through a lens of character assassination by some, when read in retrospect in particular this Green Lantern story, Emerald Twilight, leaves quite an impact. This is very much true when one keeps in mind that accepting the truth of powerlessness to make certain changes, especially following such failures, is a herculean feat in and of itself. It is very little wonder that someone would require extraordinary fortitude to do so especially when armed with something literally limited by imagination in an of itself, and therefore little wonder that one may fail to do so.

It is this lack of catharsis to the tale itself that perhaps brings many to view it so coldly; it has been in a time where Hal Jordan was viewed as pretty much someone who can do no wrong after being chosen for his indomitable sense of will, arguably rivalled only by Batman. I however read this bearing in mind that a sense of guilt can do funny things to one’s perception, let alone on such a massive scale. For this reason, Ron Marz’s story remains one of my favorite Green Lantern arcs to date.


Green Lantern: Emerald Twilight review
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