Green Lantern : Earth One – Vol 1

The Earth One initiative by DC Comics is a revamp of familiar characters taking them back to their basic concept and rebuilding them from the ground up. Oftentimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Green Lantern: Earth One is one of the former.

As a long time Green Lantern fan, I must admit I was rather apprehensive at first reading through it with a complete overhaul to the mythic origins of Hal Jordan’s recruitment. However, it highlights two crucial things of the mythology – one, that literally anyone could be a Lantern as long as they will to do so, and two, that good will is given direction in service of others rather than to control or kept to one’s self out of fear.

This book by Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman beautifully highlights this by taking the mythology to its roots – a Hal Jordan that just happens onto a dying (or dead, in this case) Abin Sur and discovers this very lesson in spite of overwhelming odds stacked against him.

Green Lantern : Earth One – Vol 1
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