Garth Ennis’ Ghost Rider review by Raphael Borg

Today’s comic is a rather dark one so I will not show more than I can.

If someone states that there are no good Ghost Rider stories, they have clearly not read Garth Ennis’ books about the character. In fact, Road to Damnation is probably the quintessential Johnny Blaze story, as it captures his personality and struggle perfectly. Blaze is essentially a drunkard who would rather waste away drinking his sorrows in some bar corner but is pushed to mete out the Rider’s view of justice against his will. In a bid to get rid of this, he always falls gullible to those planning to use his plight with empty promises to their own end….in this case, a pair of angels bored with doing their angel thing. And despite giving them their comeuppance at the end, it finally always circles around to Blaze being content with his own commiserating ways. Add to that some fun side characters (mainly Hoss) and you’ve got the perfect Ghost Rider story.

The art by Clayton Crain is simply glorious – dark and twisted in just the right way only a good story about the Spirit of Vengeace can be.

Not recommended for the faint of heart as it contains very dark themes.


Garth Ennis’ Ghost Rider review by Raphael Borg
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