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Interested in the artistic or technical aspects of game development? Ever wanted to see how a video game is made? Well then, you’ve come to the right Comic Con!

5¼ Games was formed in late 2012, when three close friends chose to dedicate their time towards the development of their very own video game. The team submitted an application to the Malta Digital Games and and was awarded funding to develop their first commercial title, Time Heist.

Quite an ambitious project, Time Heist is a 2D point-and-click adventure game which takes the player on a journey through Maltese history. Though Time Heist has been designed with the aim of being a fun, involving and and enjoyable experience (as many other adventure games are), it also introduces the player to the characters that tend to lack personality when confined to the pages of our history books. Brought to life in the world of Time Heist, these characters, as well as the events associated with them, are given a new dimension of meaning and relevance which the player will be able to explore while advancing the game’s narrative.

Visit the team at the 2015 edition of the Malta Comic Con, as they will be showcasing elements of the game while also continuing development on-site! Come and meet us to see how the game is being put together, witness the different tasks and roles involved, or just have a chat and feel free to put forward any questions, comments or suggestions that you may have with regards to game development.



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