Ennead – Exhibition

Ennead – a group of nine, as are the artists in an exhibition of the same name.

Ennead is a multifaceted collaboration of Masters of Fine Arts in Digital Arts students and the Department of Digital Arts, carrying out their final piece from practice-based research at the University of Malta. Each of the work’s echo concepts of each artist, ranging from illustration, animation, abstract painting, photography, telemedicine and audio-visual installation.

The themes of each work vary, such as Nicole Pace’s levity on the concept of physicality, and lack of it, using light and darkness. Bernard Polidano’s encapsulation of a person’s identity within a single photographic image. Clayton Saliba’s merging of digital illustrations with the medical field through a digital application, Peter Magro’s animation which illustrates causality of human presence on an environment from the perspective of a stone. Nicole Zammit’s meditative, therapeutic, flourescent paintings and multi-media installation, Mikayla Bugeja’s nonverbal communicative techniques via facial expressions, gestures and mannerisms via online platforms. Emma Cini’s visualisations of fear and hope, two opposites represented in illustration. Daphne Sammut’s hybrid instrument, capable of creating music and sound via brainwaves, and Lara Manara’s performative self-portrait and self-narrative video installation on temporality and consciousness.

Although each of these individuals’ works vary, the exhibits are connected by a commonality – the marriage of digital and analogue, the tangible and intangible.

Ennead will be launched on the 4th of June at Spazju Kreattiv, St. James Cavalier, who will provide their services, technical support, and space for the exhibition until closing date, 27th of June. Special thanks go to our other sponsors for their support and services that made our production possible; Powerhouse for their stellar audiovisual and technical support, Stretta Craft Beer for supporting the opening night, Sign It for providing structural material, and Derek Garden Centre for making the space a little bit greener.

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Ennead – Exhibition