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Energy Quest Comic

Wicked Comics in proud to host the unveiling of Peter Magro’s Comic; ‘Energy Quest’ as part of the first Pop Culture Online Fest.

This short comic was written and illustrated by Peter Magro and is a take on the survival genre in graphical narrative form.


In a world where resources are growing thin, global warming is continuously becoming more of a threat, and the now recent Covid-19 virus, this short comic interprets a survival story in the face of what seems like all doom and gloom for humanity. However, this is not a story about mankind, but the legacy of what humans may leave behind them: mounts of trash – and perhaps some artificial intelligence? Here, it is in the most unlikely form of a robotic teddy bear originally constructed as a toy for children. However do not let the cute exterior fool you, this teddy bear, Zero has a heightened artificial intelligence and a robust robotic endoskeleton which allows him to upgrade, teach himself and prepare for any situation using anything at his disposal to survive. Ultimately, the author created the character of Zero as a representation of how humans grow from children and collect scars of all forms on their way to adulthood – only to become stronger albeit more jaded and cynical as a consequence. Likewise, Zero has re-stitched himself up but in the process he has upgraded himself and grown more resilient.

The plot is as simple as they come – a teddy bear in search of a new set of batteries in order to survive with a few complications on the way – an ‘Energy Quest’.