Diego Fichera

Diego Fichera is a Catanese comic’s artist, author of the 4th cover of Etna Comics 2015.

Author of the comic book “Rouge”, published by Ac press edition. The same publishing house publishes “Sheepherder” in October 2015, an artbook that contains a lot of color illustrations.

Collaborator on “Jenus: Exodus” by Magic Press, where he made 30 comics pagein collaboration with Don Alemanno, some acclimatized in the same Catania.

In 2016 realizes the poster of Sassari Comics 2016 (Cartoon Festival in Sardinia).

Between 2015 and 2016 draws to Romics (winter & spring edition), Lucca Comics, comics for Game Trieste, Torino Comics, Etna Comics Day zero, Comics Venezia, Napoli Comicon, Etna Comics 2016 ,Bari Wondercon, Animé, and Cosenza “the streets landscape “.

Diego Fichera