Dajla, better known as Aleeusha is an Italian cosplayer and gamer. She started cosplaying in 2013, through her interest in the famous MOBA game League of Legends. She believes that Cosplay and E-Games are related and is strongly passionate about both worlds.

Since she started cosplaying, Aleeusha has actively participated in the majority of LOL events including Gamescom where she was a Riot Games guest and has thus strengthened her involvement in both the cosplay and gaming communities.

Aleeusha’s cosplay is generally inspired by her favourite video game titles. Over the years she has entered the Blizzard world experimenting with different techniques such as the construction of huge and shiny armours and glowing resin gems. Through her The Witcher III cosplay she has experimented with the construction of wooden weapons and leather tailoring. Her most recent cosplay has revolved around the world of Monster Hunter were where she created her favourite armour with worbla, resin, leather, foam and wood amongst other materials.

Aleeusha is always interested in learning and experimenting with new techniques and materials, she enjoys creating tutorials and cites the most important aspect of cosplay as having fun crafting and wearing her creations.

Winner of several Italian cosplay contests, she equally enjoys judging and competing in cosplay contests.



Instagram: @hi_im_dajla