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16:00 – Making TIKTOKs that people like by Ashley Peschel

So, Tiktok is an amazing new social media platform that has grown incredible in the last few years (in fact it wasn’t even around at the last comic con), in this talk i will give some tips about it as one of the biggest Tiktokers on the island, i will tell you how to build a fan base, how to cheat the system and what not to do…


About the speaker:


Ashley Eric Peschel is a well known content creator in Malta, best known from Tiktok and Twitch as well as other social platforms. He has a passion for anything geeky related and has even written a graphic novel (illustrated by Peter Magro). He usually is found around the Agenda Stand or roaming the comic-con hall (Spending money he doesn’t have), Also i have no idea why i was talking in the third person.

So yeah if you wanna say hi and chat feel free and also feel free to check out my social’s:

TIKTOK (Maltese channel):

Tiktok (English channel):





On them you will find funny videos and other geek stuff…so yeah see you around!!